Tuesday, March 26, 2019

March Madness

Let's just say my time away from writing in my blog has been pretty filled up with art, specifically drawing.  This year, I wanted to enter two pieces into the 27th Colored Pencil of America Society's International Exhibition to be held in Brea, California this summer.  If they both get in, I will have earned my CPSA letters.  If not, that's the way the cookie crumbles and I'll just have to try again. 

I am addicted to Instagram and follow many talented artists as well as photographers, most particularly the National Geographic photographers.  Most that I follow, specialize in the ocean's underwater environment, another is doing dog portraits which is so lovely and delightful, and another is photographing the Canadian wild life in the polar regions.  Although I have done this idea a long time ago, I wanted to do a better one now that I have my art skills have advanced a bit and, that is, to redo a desert mandala. In the early 90's, I did a pen and ink version and gave it to a friend.  This time, I did a very detailed colored pencil piece on a wash of Derwent Inktense  of the desert animals and plants of the Anza Borrego desert in Southern California.  It is a sunset and night scene with flowering cacti.

"Anza Borrego" 22.50" x 22.50" Colored Pencil on Inktense wash
Eventually, I would like to do other latitudinal terrains like the polar regions, the rain forest, and other regions.

The second colored pencil piece was a time intensive piece.  I adore the artist Chuck Close, and started out doing my piece on an angled grid.  Eventually, I abandoned the grid and just drew to make the composition as strong as possible.  I stylized the lily pads and lotus blossoms and buds in a colorized way, sort of like Gustav Klimt, but not.   I entitled it "Mono No Aware", a Japanese term for the way one feels or empathizes with the beautiful transience or impermanence of something or someone. It is like fall with all it's beautiful colors and leaves, but you know that winter is coming and all the leaves will be gone.   

"Mono No Aware" 22.50" x 22", Colored Pencils on Inktense wash
So now I'll cross my fingers until they announce who will be juried in by the end of May.  

With the next art piece, I'll switch from pencils to brushes to work on a very large 30" x 40" watermedia painting. I am free to do anything with this painting and am not limited to just watercolors.  I don't want to jinx this future piece, but will update with more information when I've completed it.  For now, I'll just say but I'm so excited to be working on a big commissioned piece that will be hung in a public place!  

I've also designed a new website and here's a peek:  Rhonda Pettit Anderson Art

At the home front, my kitchen is being completely renovated and I've been living in white dust and take-out meals for about a month.  Things are just now starting to be put back together, the recessed ceiling lights are going in, the walls have been painted and now we wait for the cabinet installers.  We have the cabinets and the appliances in the garage.  It's a dance to order new things, have them delivered, and then to have them installed.  The best I can say is that it should be over by the end of April!  

Wishing you a lovely spring!