Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Eyez Got It

Sometimes it's good to go back and study past and current artist masters to refresh and reset.  In one of the drawing 101 classes I took, back in the day, I had to draw an old masterpiece and chose "Blue Boy" by Thomas Gainsborough and it helped me to see the lines through the eyes of Gainsborough. I thought I would revisit this idea of drawing and painting in the style of the art masters except I would isolate it to just an eye from a painting.  Using watercolor pen/brushes as the base, I then added further detail with colored pencils on top.  I'm pretty happy with the results and from doing Chuck Close's eye,  I now want to further study painting on the grid with the first theme of a southern California desert.

Here are all 27 studies of the eyes of the master artists in no particular order:

Study of Alice Neel Eye

Study of Basquiat Eye

Study of Botticelli  (Venus) Eye

Study of Chuck Close Eye

Study of Edgar Degas Self Portrait Eye

Study of  Egon Schiele Self Portrait Eye

Study of Frida Kahlo Self Portrait Eye

Study of Friedensreich Hundertwassen  Eye

Study of Paul Gauguin Self Portrait Eye

Study of David Hockney Eye

Study of John Singer Sargent Self Portrait Eye

Study of Kathe Kolliwitz Self Portrait  Eye

Study of Gustav Klimt (Adele Bloch-Bauer) Eye

Study of Leonardo Da Vinci Eye

Study of Lucien Frued (Francis Bacon) Eye

Study of Manet Eye

Study of Matisse Eye

Study of Max Ernst Self Portrait Eye

Study of Max Kurchner Self Portrait Eye

Study of Raphael Eye

Study of Roy Lichtenstein Eye

Study of Renoir Eye

Study of Rosetti (Elizabeth Siddall) Eye

Study of Peter Paul Ruebens Self Portrait Eye

Study of Tamara de Lepicka Eye

Study of Toulouse Lautrec Eye

Study of Van Gogh Self Portrait Eye

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