Saturday, February 17, 2018


I'm pretty inconsistent in keeping this blog up to date and, maybe, keeping people interested in my art.  I'm an introvert and it's difficult to describe everything that I do and why I do it.  I wish, sometimes, that I could be a very good story teller, but I find that it's so much work and I'm lazy in that area. However, I'm very passionate about art and a blog is a nice way of keeping track of myself and my art even if no one reads it.  I'll try to be better at keeping the updates going.  I do post a lot of my works in progress on other social media, mainly on Instagram @rhondaandersonart

 2017 was a very interesting year for me with some ups and downs. First of all, this happened: CPSA 25th Annual International Show  .  It was a beautiful dream except it was really happening, and to think, I entered on a whim wanting to give the piece one more shot at being in a show.  It was the first entry I was accepted and I won 2nd place with my drawing/painting "Lotus Dance". It was icing on the cake when it was purchased as well. The Mansion on the Strathmore was a beautiful venue for the exhibition, and they promoted the show so much and sold so much that they want us to come back again!
"Lotus Dance" hanging in The Mansion on the Strathmore

Last summer, I had a health issue and spent a few days in the hospital and had my first operation.  I had never stayed in a hospital before except to have my son.  I had never been waited on like that and I have to say, I kind of enjoyed being lazy and having others look after you.

In October, I had invited some mailartist friends to come spend time making art at an Airbnb down on India Street downtown San Diego. We all got on so well and it was one of the funnest times I've had collaborating with other artists.  We all worked on a group project for fun entitled "Project Wrongway".  We took those little plastic skeletons you can buy cheaply at Michaels, and styled them with cloth, ribbon, feathers, bling and all kinds of ephemera.  We video taped the Project Wrongway runway walk with "Skelly Tyler" hosting.  Yes, we all found our inner child and had a blast.  Here is the link to the video: Project Wrongway    We are going to meet again this year in Albuquerque!

Now, I am working on a entry for the Colored Pencil's 26th International Exhibit which will be held in Chicago this year.  I plan to attend whether or not my entry is accepted or rejected.  I would love to see the city as I've only gone through it a few times. Even though I do work both in colored pencils and watermedia, and soon mixerd media, I find each medium an excellent way to convey ideas and thoughts.  With all the negative diversity, I find that colored pencils are an excellent way to convey ideal universal ways of thinking and I am hoping the viewer will understand and agree with what I have to say.  This new piece will be called "Many Lamps, One Light" and it is my hope that other's who see this will take this in the most positive, spiritual way and that even though we may have different ways of worship or connecting spiritually with God, God is the same for us all.  I'm working on the background now and it's taking forever but I should be done with it soon.  I decided to work on illustration board using Caran d' Ache Pablo colored pencils.  I bought Alonya Nickleson's texture fixative and, also, the powder thinking I could use this for the background.  However, I learned that it only works on a textured background like suede.  So, now I'm painstakingly filling in the background.  After this is done, I plan to go back to hardpress watercolor paper and using the Icarus board developed by Ester Roi for future drawings.  It's so much easier to have the heat spread the wax of the colored pencil quickly and then to go back on top to put in the detail. Here are my stages, the penciling in of the different lamps.  After seeing the photo, I decided to switch the Art Deco lamp with the Lava Lamp. The next one are the lamps in color with all their different textures.

Pencil drawing "Many Lamps, One Light"

Progress with coloring of lamps


A Mynah Production said...

Congratulations! What an honor to be chosen :) Hope that your Lamp piece does well too <3 have to one of the most positive people ever...You enjoyed your hospital stay?! Hope you are well now. Take care dearest. :)

xavierrabun said...

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