Monday, June 19, 2017

Bottles of Art on the Wall

Whoops, I let a whole month go by without writing about the art I've been making.  Well...., one of the things I got into is making "Bottle Art". On Instagram, I saw a lot of artist's bottle art for a show being held in Las Vegas.  It was just a show, and people could purchase their art either at the gallery or through the artist.  I thought it would be great if I could trade Bottle art using a template I made, but I think the format might be too large.  However, a few artists did agree to trade and I received amazing bottle art from them.  Here are some of the bottle art I traded.

Spring Nature Goddess with Bluebird

Cranky Smoking Elder Lady 1

Raven Shaman II


Raven Shaman I

Flower Crowned Bunny with Pink Moon

Cranky Smoking Elder Woman II

Cavaleras Las Flores

Sakura Buddha

Anthropomorphic Sun
I also made an art book entitled "Play" with Ravens playing with shiny jewels with each other.  I used a Gothic Arch template to create an accordion book.  Sandwich between the cover and the arches, are used dryer sheets.  I squirted watercolor using a hypodermic tool on it and the cover.  
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Cover of "Play"

Ravens at Play

Working on the inside and on dryer sheets 

I joined another drawing group at Foothills Gallery in La Mesa, so I belong to quite a few art tribes.  We can work on any project with any media, but mainly it's with colored pencil artists.  Quite a few of them have left the San Diego chapter as I did some years ago, and have now joined the LA chapter.  It sounds very inspiring, so I decided to join again, this time with Los Angeles.  I'm getting ready for the International Show next month and can't wait to meet up with all these wonderful artists from everywhere.  I'm so thrilled to have my drawing/painting hanging with very esteemed artists!  

On a sad note, my dearest friend's dog, Hurley, went to dog heaven last week.  He was my dog friend too and it was such a pleasure to have known him.  He had an amazing life journey, having been lost from his home and family during the Witch Creek Fires.  My friend saw him and adopted him immediately.  He was pretty chill except when there was a crackling fire going on in the fireplace, where he would just quietly go into another room  He will be missed so much.  I did a small, quick colored pencil portrait of him to give to my friend to help ease her sadness. 


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