Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November - Turning the Big 60!

With the nice cooler weather, it's been truly nice to make some different fun art.  On the show front, I have a painting that is currently in a SDMA Artist Guild show entitled "Illuminations".  It didn't win anything, but always an honor and pleasure to be juried in. My painting, "Reflections", is catty corner of the winning piece which is a remarkable black and white oil painting of people in the pool looking up at buildings.  The perspective comes from someone who is in the pool with the other swimmers. It was one of my favorites and I'm happy it won. For San Diegans, there is still time to see the show until next Tuesday at the Poway Center of Performing Arts: "Illuminations"

Last month, I participated in a Halloween-A-Thon on IATCs and made cards to trade to other artists based on horror movies. I bought a Super Deluxe Heavy weight drawing paper sketch book thinking I could use a variety of mediums on it.  So I quickly sketched out the movie theme horror scenes using "Clockwork Orange", "Psycho" "Frankenstein" and "Carrie". My Jack Nicholson didn't come out as well as expected so he was trashed.

Although it was great to just work on one piece of smooth paper drawing it all out, the watercolor didn't quite absorb the way I would like but it was good to test it out.  Here's how the cards turned out along with a couple more using copics and gel pens.

Candy Monster

Green Witch with Cat
 I also had a chance to make these Day of the Dead wall plaques. I saw something similar in Old Town while perusing a cool store filled with DOTD items and wanted to try my hand making them.  I made a skull template and used it as a stencil on wood and cut them out.  I used a stencil for the flower portion of the  dark blue one because it's for a special person and the others have freehand drawing. They were then painted in acrylics and varnished.  The fun part was cutting up all these soda/drink cans that everyone saved for me to use as eyes and lip embellishments.  I used the tab part of the can as a hanger in the back.  These will all make nice DOTD gifties!
Day of the Dead Wall Plaques

Last year, I signed up for the "Oddball Art Ornament" swap.  A lot of the ornaments are creepy cool, sort of in the spirit of "Nightmare Before Christmas".  I received some deliciously creepy ornaments, and now I need more.  I made Black Widow spider's with red sparkle hour glass backs on a frosted snowflake web.  I molded a roped up Rudolph, Snowman and something else I can't remember but they were dead and trapped by the spider.  Crystal beading was added to the ends of the spider web for the full snowflake effect.  This year, I made "Festive Shrunken Heads".  The faces were shaped cone-like with paper clay.  I drilled holes for the wire laces at the eyes and mouth, and also for piercings and then painted them candy-ish with acrylics.  Then the wire was sewn over eyes, mouths and piercing. The hair is made of a variety of ribbons, yarns and were attached securely both inside the head and outside.  The final touch was sewing some jingle balls onto the ribbons.


In the meantime, I'm busy swishing paint, cutting and gluing arty presents for my Secret Santas which has to remain a secret for now.  

This Sunday, I'll be celebrating my 60th birthday....yikes!   There's no denying that I'm getting old, but I am so very thankful for this time in my life to be able to do my life's passion, ART.  I am also so lucky to be surrounded and loved by wonderful family and friends and I get to live in beautiful San Diego, CA.  It's been a wonderful and remarkable year of arting with artists in Arizona for Artzona, going to Cabos San Juan and Lucas with close girlfriends for water, sunshine and wine, of meeting east coast artists in Rochester, NY, and seeing my sister and her family with my brother in Boston.  It's been a wonderful year and I thank everyone whose made it so special for me this year!  

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and Blessings!