Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hand Art and Day of the Dead!

St. Benedictus of Honor Skull
Chrysanthemum Skull
Flying Winged Skull
Zentangle Skull
Fire Horse

Although it's a month early, I'm always up for some spooky skull art!  These skulls are for a Pen & Ink Skull Swap and are done on 4 x 6 vellom surface Bristol paper.  It's been awhile since I've drawn strictly with pens in super detail and it was hard to resist the temptation of adding watercolors, but it's strictly forbidden!
The bejeweled skull is drawn using the St. Benedictus in Honor reference photo from an old issue of Smithsonian. What an amazing skull with its crowned jeweled headdress with ribbons and lace.  The rest of the skulls I made up with the Chrysanthemum skull representing the fall season, the flying winged skull because I like the idea of skulls flying around instead of being earth bound and this one is in space and having a blast, and finally I enjoyed zoning in and making a "zentangle" skull.  My husband wants a t-shirt of the flying winged skull, so it'll probably be further developed with full wings.  

I have had my hands literally full of art!  Those are my outlined hands with paintings of some animals and a sexy calavera.  The octopus is in it's 5th incarnation having been done in the Sketchbook Project and ATCs before, but this one is the best. I love hummingbirds and have a family who stops by the feeder in the morning and evening.  I've watched a particular female for 3 years and now, she has a handsome son who has her eyes and copies her moves and comes by for a drink. The fire horse was made for this Chinese year of the Horse and happens to be my Chinese birth year and I loved how it turned out.  I really wanted to keep this one for myself.  The sexy calavera is a good start for the coming spooky season and Day of the Dead is big in San Diego! 

There were a few more art swaps I participated in but won't show because it's just too much and yes, I've been having too much fun procrastinating and making gobs of mail art!  Now it's time to put all the fun, playful stuff away for now and go back to the huge pencil painting still in progress from two months ago.  I have high hopes for this one and plan to enter it into the International Colored Pencil Show for 2015. Colored pencils take so much time and this painting/drawing is not even at 50% so time to get to work! 

On a good note, I received exciting news about my watercolor painting and will announce it towards the end of the month!  


A Mynah Production said...

I love your work! The details in the skulls are fantastic! The hands, SO much fun. I LOVE the octopus! ...hope we get to see your finished pencil/painting. ;)

Unknown said...

Woow the skulls loke great. And I love all the hands art. Love the colors.

Donna said...

Your work is fabulous! That winged skull is great! I can see why your husband wants it on a tee shirt.
The hands are all so colorful! I like the hummingbird the best.