Thursday, July 17, 2014

Orange Is the New Black

I put my big painting aside for now to make more art trading cards, this time after a favorite show "Orange Is the New Black" based on Piper Kerman's true life story.  All the characters in the show are so well developed and there is a back story on each of them that the show producers let out just a little bit.  It can be pretty raunchy, but it's addicting.

I'm still continuing in my quest to make enough art to trade, but maybe trading is much more laid back in Rochester as opposed to Artzona. No matter, I'll see if anyone still wants to trade with me.  All the artists there are so very unique in their approach and style. That said, my sister in Conn. told me to bring an umbrella.....what?

Two weeks to go......!


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A Mynah Production said...

Your art is amazing! ...I love that show too. It is pretty raunchy...usually I'd be turned off to watching something like that, but the story is SO good!