Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Secret Solstice - Art Junkie

Art Junkie has so many diversified interests, it was a difficult to narrow it down to just a few subjects.  I adore this talented lady and have always been inspired by her Mesa Verde spirit people.  She knows so much about them and their culture.  I wanted to do something to honor her and her love of them, but first is this little gift for her.  She likes UFOs in a whimsical landscape, so I did a postcard of Mt. Fuji with cherry blossom trees just beginning to blossom on a snowy evening.  The only thing missing is Godzilla.

The next gift is my "big" present.  It's a watercolor book (8.5" x 11") of the Anasazi/Hopi Indians, their Gods/Goddesses and the Spirits who advised them along with their symbols, and the San Francisco Mountains and the Blue Star Comet.  The book, along with the subsequent pages, opens from the middle. For the cover, I used washi tape and Japanese book binding with additional embellishment of beads and feathers. Except for the last page, all the pages were painted first, then sewn around the spirit and I left the different colored threads hanging down.  After the book was binded together, I then cut each page, following the stitching line to reveal the next page and so on. I was excited and so pleased with how this came out, and now I want to make one for myself.

Anastasi Petroglyph Cover

1st Page - Eototo with side panels depicting Hopi pottery designs

2nd Page - Tawa

3rd Page - Conchiti

4th Page - Toho

5th Page - Kokopelli

6th Page - Pahana

Last Page - San Francisco Mountains with the Blue Star Comet


AnnD said...

Your gifts for Ruth were so thoughtfully conceived and so brilliantly executed that I was truly in awes of them. What a tremendous gift you gave her - not only in the sense that you actually gave her a gift, but in the far more significant sense that you honored her interests. Bravo!

Margaret Ann said...

I can barely breathe...as you have again taken my breath away yet again! WOW! Such elegance, and style, and artistic depth and love...all combined here. What a treasure!

Rhonda Anderson said...

Thank you so much!

A Mynah Production said...

Holey smokes! This is grand! Lucky AJ!