Friday, May 9, 2014

Memory and the Heaviside Layer

"Half Past Bloom" 22.5" x 25.5"  Watercolor
My cat painting is finally finished and ready to travel on its own journey in the art world....yikes! This is my beautiful old cat "Snookie", (1992-2006),  in the role of Grizabella  from T.S. Eliot's "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats".  Though beautiful and full of dignity, she and the roses are past bloom and about ready for the transition into the "Heaviside Layer".

Living in Southern California, one (especially if you're female) becomes hyper-aware of one's age and of aging.  There are so many older people trying to chase after their youthful beauty.  Of course, I wish I could physically looked the way I did when I young, but mentally - I'm so much wiser and happier with life.   I'm now of an age where I should gracefully accept and leave all that behind me and enter this final stage of life of being an "elderly"....yikes!  Of course, I could have plastic surgery and go for that frozen look with the constant updates of botox and maybe some lipo.  But really, when you start doing that, aren't you really trying to say something like this - "Hey there, cute dude, I'm a very fertile, baby-making young woman - go for me" when all the evidence is to the contrary.  It's actually kind of vain and silly when you think about it. And so this is a  painting about reflecting and accepting age and all the transitions for its own sake and beauty in one's life.  

I have a new painting in mind, still on the theme of aging and transition.  This one, too, will have a cat in it but it will be done in in the medium of colored pencils for realism.  I like switching back and forth and trying new things and ideas.

With this blog, I think that I'm writing mainly to myself, sort of like an art diary and that's fine. However, if you are reading this, I just want say a big thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to read and view my art work and process!


Caley said...

That is an amazing painting. The cat involved is really well-represented, personality-wise.

1jn49s53xq said...

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