Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I'm doing a lot of "catching up" with all my art trades, I think I'm at the half way point to not feeling so panicky about what is upcoming and due.  That said, a few things had to be put aside and my portrait sketchbook is one of them.  I'm going to really try hard to get all 29 Faces completed in time.  My social life is amped out this month and I really need to go back to my art cave and thrive in seclusion for awhile.

These portraits are really watercolor sketches to familiarize myself to each of the ladies bone structure, skin tone, hair and especially their features.  Some are far more easier to render than others, but they should all be considered quick sketches except, maybe, the last portrait where I spent a great deal more time on it.

Amyfairie - Watercolor
 Amyfairie has such a wonderful style, she would be an awesome figure model for artists who love drawing people with great expressive faces.  I'm especially pleased to have traded with her again this year, I find myself going back and looking at her work over and over.

Rogue Girl - Watercolor

I always thought "Rogue Girl" was a bit of rebel because of her name, but I've learned it's the name of a river nearby her which is still a wonderful name. She is such a sweet lady and I was delighted to have my first trade with her this year!

Jenn - Watercolor
I first met Jenn at my own home for one of my "Art Bashes".  I have a small home and backyard, but she, Nanner, and Leslie were very kind and put up with my humble abode.  However, my overly exuberant, people-loving dog, Roxy, found her Sangria cup and drank it all up.  She was understanding and Roxy had a good sleep after her beach run.  I think Jenn has one of those smiles that light up a room!

Nanner - Watercolor

Speaking of Nanner and not making the right connection with arty names, for the longest time I thought of Nanner as this elderly lady, perhaps with some grandchildren, having fun making art. Well, she sure does have fun making art and it turns out she's this fun-loving, wonderful, hot-blonde who was just recently married.  I look forward to more merry-art-making with her!

Anita M - Watercolor

Anita came all the way over from England to Artzona and she is lovely in person.  I skipped the detail of her dress which was layered with different pink flowery fabric and looked like something from Nordy's.  It turns out, she just quickly sewed some frocks up for her visit to the States.  It was fun having "Cadillacs" with her and I hope she returns next year.

Riley - Watercolors

This is actually a portrait I did in the Ted Nuttall workshop of my BFF's daughter.  I'm pretty sure she won't be checking my FB page or my blog, I think I'm just a little blip on her radar if she see's me at all.  She's going to graduate this year and this is one of the presents I'll be giving her (and mom) for her graduation! She's is one of my all time favorite young people with that sassy, wry sense of humor!  

Altogether, that makes 18 portraits so far.  I'll probably fudge a bit and stick some of my ATC cards here in case I don't quite make it.  

My bloggie will be closing down early March if I don't figure out how to log in under my original domain user name.  I've looked up everything and tried everything, but I'm in a loop and I've already spent hours trying to solve this problem.  I'll keep trying though, otherwise it's time for another site.



Cindy D. said...

Wow, fantastic portraits! Such wonderful color and personality in them!

Pamitha said...

OMG!!!! I know those people. Rhonda, you are amazing! These are wonderful, awesome, gorgeous portraits of our friends1! YOU rock BIG TIME!!!!!!!

Rhonda Anderson said...

Thanks to you both!