Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's!

It's been one of the best month's for me, first Artzona, then Cabos San Jose and Cabos San Lucas, and then the workshop with Ted Nuttall.  I always bomb in these art workshops with my art, but after several days of sleeping on everything he said, I'll incorporate a lot of what was taught to us.  What a wonderful man and artist!  I even bought a giclee which happens to be the same painting on the "Watercolor" magazine.  I've learned so much from him about painting transparently and especially what he thinks about when he approaches a subject and how he will paint it.  As I have always believed, you have to have that emotional connection to see the poetry of a person and the need to communicate that in your art.  I can't scan the painting I did in the workshop since it's too big. As soon as I photograph it, I'll post it as one of my "29 Faces".

I came home inspired from the workshop each day and spent some time working on portraits in my sketchbook.  One thing I've learned, is that the next time I do this, I'll buy a special watercolor sketchbook instead of a mixed media.  The paint didn't do what I wanted, so I have these sketchy watercolor portraits.  I just have to accept it and keep moving forward.  So to the ladies I'm painting, I tried very hard to "capture" you, but I struggled with the paper quite a bit and hope you won't hate your portrait.  Here are the portraits for the week:  

Dina54  - Watercolor

I was so happy to meet Dina and have been a long admirer of her artwork for years. Meeting her for the first time, she is lovely in person with gorgeous long white hair and she is serious about doing her art which I respect.

Waterblossoms - watercolor

She was one of my favorite artist to meet!  A wonderful person who shared these beautiful journals of her art.  I covet all of her art all the time and was so happy to trade with her.  I had the best time talking and getting to know her and Art_Junkie.

Art Junkie - Watercolor

Okay, I admit, I have an art crush on this lady - all her art is fantastic!  Aside from her fantastic art, she is a gracious, super intelligent, fun person.  Her dolls are world renown and her Mesa Verde Spirit art is just inspiring.  I kind of cheated and used the photo I took of her last year because she snuck out early before I could photograph her. These days, Art Junkie's hair is a much longer tossle of long waves and curls which I think flatters her.  But I can't fake her hair, so this is her styled "do". 

Bonnie - Watercolor
This is one of my San Diego artist friend who is incredibly prolific and always on the lookout for discarded items on the street when she runs.  She turns it all into re-purposed art and it's all just great. I look forward in learning more about assemblage art.  She and her mom have been in my thoughts a lot lately, she is going through some sad times with the loss of her beloved sister.

Helene - Watercolor

Another one of my San Diego artist friends, I love everything about Helene.  She's quite the adventurer and so inventive and creative, a wonderful cook, and an animal lover in all respects.  She is a beautiful soul and person and I'm lucky to know her! 

It's Valentine's and I'm inspired by Annie Lennox who often writes about her "Soundtracks of My Life" with postings of the band and song - all very touching and you can see how it influenced her own songs. Music, next to art, has always been a very strong, spiritual thing in my life and I think I'm going to do something along the lines of my own "Soundtracks of My Life" except with art.  But the special song for today is the Pretender's "Message of Love" an inspiring song about Love, Love, Love!  


Margaret Ann said...

You make my heart swell with all kinds of goodness and light. I am so very honored you included me in your group of ladies...Love you girl!! xoxoxo

Rhonda Anderson said...

I'm so glad you like it! Love you too!

Clare Lloyd said...

Fabulous work!

Jo said...

Your work is lovely.

Susan said...

Beautiful portraits. I am sure all your models love their painting.

Kelly Jacobi said...