Friday, February 28, 2014

Final Faces for February

I'm so happy to have completed "29 Faces"!  I thank the ladies who posed for my camera and hope that they enjoy their portraits.  If not, I'm so sorry - I tried very hard but was limited in both time and the restrictions of the paper. I would like to keep this portrait journal for a year, but if any of the ladies would like to have their portrait - they are most certainly welcomed, just let me know.

Theresagram - Watercolor
This is one of the Arizona ladies who helped host Artzona.  She's a lady who is beautiful inside - out and who has so much graciousness and generosity of spirit. I have a certain "Rosemary's Baby" card from her and it's "sick" in the best way!

HotMommaRama - Watercolor
Another of the Arizona ladies, she's the Queen who had this idea of "If you build, they will come!" for Artzona.  It's become so popular, she had to put a limit of attendees and if you lose your spot, there's another artist right there waiting to take your place!   I asked her to pose and she gave me this wonderful expression - she's a fun person to paint!

Jensaz - Watercolor

Another of the Arizona ladies, Jensaz is a gifted mixed media artist and her dolls are fabulous!  She and her sister kept us all entertained with their funny bickerings!

Gordionknot - Watercolor
This artist, also hails from Arizona, is a very dedicated art teacher and artist.  Everything she had on, she made. She dyed the shirt she had on, made the jewelry she was wearing and she brought incredible art to trade. We drove into town with her and it was fun listening to her childhood stories of Scottsdale and how much it has changed.

Lovefroud - Watercolor
Aside from being very personable and loads of fun, Lovefroud is such a gorgeous lady.  Here she is with her perfect features and no make-up.  I know I didn't really do her justice with her portrait, but maybe another time.

MidnightCreations - Watercolor

You always remember your "first" of anything and MidnightCreations was my very first trade when I joined "ATCs For All".  It was wonderful to meet her in person!

Jazzie - Watercolor

Jazzie is another artist from San Diego, though she's often kept busy with her charge as she works as a live-in-Nanny.  She has some very interesting stories of the Italian family who employs her.  Also, she loves jazz, hence the name Jazzie.  I hope to see her more at our cozy San Diego Art Bashes!

Malala - Graphite

I neglected to take pictures of all the ladies who attended Artzona, some of whom left way too early.  So, for portrait no. 26, here is that brave young lady "Malala".  I admire her courage and she may be the next "Warrior for Peace" which our world needs. I know we're not suppose to do "fan" art, but she is more a humanitarian, rather than a star and so I've  included her anyway.  I can see that I have a tendency to make one eye larger or slightly off and and that I elongate the features, so she looks a bit older here.

ATC Swaps - "Abstract Faces", "Angels", and "Spirit Masks"  Mediums include gouache, watercolor, pens

For portraits 27 -29, I've included cards from recent swaps I'm involved in.  For "Acceptance",  looking away - I blindly drew in the face.  From that, I refined the features and then worked in gouache for super flat saturation.  I let the expression of the face tell me how to name it and she just seems to be all about acceptance with that inner glow of peace. In the "Angel" swap, each of the cards were done in different media. For "Ethereal Angel" I did some prep watercolor spillage and then drew in the angel with micron pen. I usually hate lines and will cover them up.  Not that I have anything against other artists using lines - they are just far better at it than I am.  For this angel, I left the lines on, though it still kind of bugs me.  For "Spirit of the Puma", I again did prep watercolor spillage and drops, but I made them more apparent in the design.  I also used micron pen and only covered up some of it.  In doing the cards for this swap, I had envisioned Native Americans doing the "Ghost Dance" and invoking animal spirits for help.  They're dancing before a large firepit and the shadows of the dancers intermingle with the shadows of the spirits or ghosts.  I received so many nice comments for this card - it just both humbled and delighted me!

Thanks for taking a peek at my blog and Happy Friday!  


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous likenesses of our gorgeous girls! xoxo, nanner.

Cheryl Ann said...

I am so in love with this whole series of portraits!

What a gift you have given us all by creating and sharing these.

Your art is truly special!

Dog-Ma said...

I love all of these portraits. Would love to have mine (jensaz) whenever you are done with it. Thank you for capturing all us crazies!