Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Heading to ArtZoNa

This coming Thursday, my artist friends and I will be trecking out to Mesa/Scottsdale, Arizona for an art gathering and having fun, fun, fun!  My San Diego arty friends, Helene, Bonnie, Kay and Nancy have been going for the past three years enjoying our time there and coming back filled with inspiration!

I've been trading mail art with some of these ladies who'll be at the gathering since I joined ATCs For All and Illustrated Art Trading Cards back in 2008. I had all but given up on doing any kind of art and was entirely focused on making money and helping my family.  However, I still longed to do art and would dream about going to my own art shows seeing my own paintings there - I'd be filled with wonder and sadness when I awoke.  The sad fact was that I was denying a huge part of myself for nearly 15 years, until I learned about ATCs.  Before too long, I was bringing in my colored pencils (because they're very portable) and cards to work and doing a little art in my office during my breaks.  Of course, if someone walked into my office during the breaks, these little cards could easily be slipped under the key board and I didn't have to explain anything except maybe my pink pencil if someone noticed but that never happened.  That was the business world of high finance and no one there would really understand my expressive need to create, but that was then and this is now.  Because I could do little bits of art to completion, I slowly gained my confidence and truly became better.  I began to draw everyday and now I'm making larger paintings in a variety of mediums and living my dream in the art world.  I've been honored to meet some wonderful artists along the way and truly been touched and inspired by them - from watercolor society, colored pencil society, the art society and all the ATC artists - they've all been a joy!

My process can take several hours making a single ATC card.  I'm not very prolific at all unless I drink tons of coffee - but then the quality may slip down a bit.  So for the last two years, I maybe had only 12 cards to trade at each gathering.  Last year, I  made trades mostly by IOUs.  Many artists kindly traded art with me without me giving them anything but a promise.  I did fulfill the promises, but I swore I would be a little better prepared for the next year.  I may not have something for everyone, but I'm loaded with art.  And, on top of that, I made little copper-winged blingy hearts  which will come my "Orchid" signature card and 3 caramel kiss chocolates!  My little Valentine to everyone.

About 35 ATCs, 2 Tall Cards, 4 Winged Pegasus, 3 Winged Lions, 5 Steampunk heart + 2 Winged Owl hearts, and Copper Winged Hearts for all ('scuse my foot)

40 Copper-winged clay hearts blinged out with copper beads for everyone!

After I come back, I'm flying to Cabo San Lucas with a bunch of girlfriends for 4 days of fun and relaxation. When I return, I will immediately begin two large paintings. Life is so Good!