Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summer Cats

I've been slacking on the bloggie,but my fingers have been busy scribbling with colored pencils for this whole year.  I'm excited about the International Colored Pencil Society's convention in Brea ( Colored Pencil Society of America) which will begin on the 31st!  I'll finally meet all these wonderful artists whose art I've very much admired.  Both the San Diego and Los Angeles chapters are co-hosting the event and we have been busy with organizing, making gift bags and doing a lot of the behind-the-scenes work.  After that, I'll be participating in my very first art walk, the Coronado Art Walk in September.  I've been busy having cards and prints made and working on 5x5 inch colored pencil art affixed to clayboard and heavily varnished.  I have 16 pieces so far and after working on such large pieces, these small pieces are so gratifying as they are not so time consuming.  I don't have very much in my colored pencil portfolio and I'm only allowed to sell my colored pencil works.  So, I'm trying to do these original 5x5 art work that maybe the public will like and can afford to make the purchase.  

For the "Catnip Connection 7" Show, I entered a quick piece of a Sphinx - a combination of two cats - 

and is entitled "You Lookin' At Me?".  It's 8 3/16 x 8 3/4 inches and is just plain colored pencils without the Icarus Board.  It was done quickly to enter this very specific show as a certain percentage of proceeds go the Feral Cat Society. Afterwards, I did four fluffy cats on 5x5s - 

They all have their personalities, the last two are female kitties.  That soft little angel peachy cat was mine and she was known to sometimes torment us - Snookie is her name may she RIP.  The bottom one is a kitty, Snickers, belongs to a very dear friend.  She too has been known to take a big bite out of fingers when least expected - look at those innocent green eyes.  She has punctured me and drawn blood, but I still love her.  

More news and art to blog about in the next few weeks with a tree and flowers, and perhaps some birds. Have a great summer!


Cindy D. said...

Wow wow! Amazing cats! And it sounds like you're busy and doing so many terrific things! Congratulations!

Rhonda Anderson said...

Thank you Cindy!

Leigh said...

Hi Rhonda - your cats are AMAZING!