Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mapping It Out

I've begun work on my third and even larger colored pencil painting for this year.  It measures
19.75 x 30 inches right now, but  when it's finished it will be further trimmed and mounted to a board.  This piece is on hot-pressed watercolor paper using the smoother back-side and will be done totally in colored pencils.

I'm employing a technique I learned from  Ester Roi , a fantastic colored pencil artist who is very innovative and generous in sharing her techniques.  She also happens to be an exceptionally talented artist and does both colorful pebbles in water compositions and flowers that seem to dance underwater.  She uses a "mapping" technique whereby once you have your composition pencil-lined, you then rough in the basic colors using the side of the pencil like a crayon.  In the past, I would start at one beginning point which was usually the top left-hand corner and work counter clock wise, developing the painting fully as I go.  This time, I have drawn my painting out, and have roughly colored it in as in the photo above.  Afterwards, I'll go back in, probably starting on a waterlily section using the Icarus board (also invented by Ester) which warms the colored pencil and burnishes the pigment onto paper.  If you are interested in this technique, I encourage you to visit her sight and check out her blog where she shows her techniques with videos, step-by-step.

Visiting Balboa Park, one of my favorite sources of inspiration, the waterlilys were in full bloom and I had to snap up some photos.  There's such a play of the dancing lily's in the cool ocean breeze, the rippling water, the light and shadow play, and the lily pods that lead your eye all around this beautiful floral scene.  Well, here I go, taking another leap of faith that this will turn out!    


Unknown said...

It's beautiful, Rhonda! so glad you're back. I love that you use colored pencil on such a large scale. it's really turning out nicely.

SLScheibe said...

WOW! So many beautiful paintings here. I had no idea about this gorgeous art you've done. I hope you update your blog again :)