Thursday, April 5, 2012


Here's the latest painting I'm currently working on and it's a leap of faith if it works out, or it will be a good learning experience.  My photo reference is composed of many photos taken at the koi pond in Balboa Park underwater.  I actually printed 4 or 5 photos out and clipped parts from each photo to make this composition.  I'm not too crazy about the brown outline and may go back and repaint it in a blue-grey white.  This will probably a darker painting as if in the night with the fish having an encounter under the reflected moonlight.  I'm not use to working in warm colors especially for underwater scenes and I may end up painting the entire scene in the cool spectrum.  I thought I had planned this painting out very carefully, but now it seems the painting is telling me what it needs. 

Meanwhile, I'm making big playing cards for the CPSA International Show in Kentucky this year.  The San Diego chapter is going to make a house of cards.  I chose two cards from a large deck (4 x 6 inches)  with one being the Queen of Diamonds, and the other the Seven of Diamonds.  For the Queen, I'm doing the late Elizabeth Taylor in all her diamond glory and for the Seven, I'm doing my own pretty dog, Roxy wearing a bling heart tag of 7 diamonds. With the bristal paper, there is quite a bit of white showing through and not too much burnishing going on giving a nice soft affect.   These are going quickly, so I hope to post them soon! 

Happy Easter!