Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Reach the Light

Reach the Light ~ 16 x 20 inches
While visiting the Balboa Park botanical building last year, I was struck by the beautiful tropical palms and plants and with the interplay of light, the delicate patterns of greenery, and the rhythm of all the leaves grouped together.  I knew I wanted to paint this fantastic image and immediately took a photo.  Last summer, I also took a colored pencil workshop with the artist, Betsy Holster, who emphasized that one should set up "challenges" for oneself and that it should preoccupy your mind until you decide it's finished.  That's exactly what this painting was all about - from the initial view and conception, to making a more simplified composition from my reference photo and to make, with use of colored pencils, a colorful expressionistic painting.  With use of an Icarus board, colored pencil pigment was burnished onto 140lb hot press watercolor paper and upon completion, it was mounted onto an artboard.  

At a Jingleball concert years back, I saw the 80s band Duran Duran.  They are wonderful live and roused the whole audience up and dancing the whole time they were on stage.  One song, "Reach Up For the Sunrise", was especially fun with the whole audience reaching up with their hands reaching and swaying towards the sky while dancing, just like this tropical scene, and at the same time, singing along with the band.  We all need light in our lives, humans and all living beings, to experience growth in the physical & material world and also in the spiritual for transcendence into grace.  May your reach for the light be filled with joyfulness!