Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 - It's Been a Great Year!

     Del Mar Ocean Tides (16 x 20 inches)

I like to figure things out as I go along and though I read as much as possible to try to figure out how to do what I want with my paintings, some things just do not work out.  My intention was to create a quiet, broody ocean scene. It started out with an acrylic coppery wash and then the basic shapes were penciled in with light colored pencil.  Using an Icaraus board, layers of colored pencils, in mostly muted greys, beiges, and blues, were layed on top and burnished using the heat and a blending stick.  Although I am happy with the effect of the green seaweed moss covering the rocks and the pools of water by the rocks, the rest of the painting is so so. Perhaps the composition is too horizontal and needed some vertical elements to liven it up.  The painting was then mounted to a clayboard with double tack, and I didn't do such a good job on a piece with so much time devoted to it. Needless to say, I know exactly what will be changed when I make another attempt.
After such a labor intensive piece, I needed a break and busied myself with all kinds of different mail art (a form of art play for me)  for the Secret Santa exchange and for two very different artists.  For one artist, who likes very unique and artful types of Madonna icons, I painted a Chrysanthemum Madonna on watercolor paper, using watercolors and gold acrylics.  It too, was mounted on clayboard with double tack very successfully and the sides were painted using gold mixed with a bit of prussian blue.  I made a CD collectioin of eclectic angel songs since she didn't want any atcs or treats, and painted an angel cover. I also made an outline of my hand with the lotus blossoms looking out across a starry sky.  On the back are the words to the song "Across the Universe" sung by John Lennon.  My other Secret Santa artist likes gothic things and is very creative in many media.  With goth, I conjure Anne Rice novels, the city of New Orleans, funny SNL skits but it's not really not something I'm especially adept at, though I admire it.  It was, however, a wonderful opportunity to try something new. So I got out my needles, thread, and sewing machine and made a gothic punk doll.  This artist also collects themed 4X4 chunkies and I settled on the lovely theme of green and painted watercolors of orchids and lovebirds. I included an elephant brooch made in copper and beading and attached it to the Flip Flop Album all handmade. It was a lot of fun, and I received some fantastic art as well.   Here were my art present offerings:

Chrysanthemum Madonna (8x10")

Lovebirds (4x4")

Green Orchids (4x4")
"Jai Guru Deva" Hand Outline

Gothic Punk Doll

Butterfly Flip Flop Album

Elephant Flip Flop Album

Butterfly Flip Flop Album opened

Even though I didn't exactly do 12 paintings for each month of the year (11 total), with all the Secret Santas and other ATC art completed and not shown here, I fulfilled my 2011 New Year's resolution very well.  
I received wonderful news from "The Artist" Magazine online competition that my koi fish painting "Reflections" won Honorable Mention!  I think it will be posted online next month and will have a link to it in my next post. It also won the same award at the Foothills Wildlife in Art 2012 last month.  "Orchid" and "Peacock" were both in a juried show this month at the Poway Center of Arts and that pretty much sums up 2011 for my artistic endeavors.   Now it's time to think about what I'd like to accomplish for 2012.  Happy New Year's to you all!

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