Tuesday, November 29, 2011

End of November

I'm currently painting the cradle-sides of the 18 X 24 claybord in copper acrylic and, afterwards, this piece will be mounted using double-tac and then completely varnished.  I wanted to do a painting using mixed- media with an acrylic-copper wash underneath and colored pencils using heavy-duty burnishing on the Icarus board and I think it came out pretty good.  This locale is another San Diego hot spot, but unlike the festive, happy,warm and colorful "El Jardin Hermoso" depicting the succulent garden of Old Town, this is a quiet almost broody beach scene with the low flat tides exposing sea-moss covered rocks of Del Mar beach.  I really like the contrast of the copper against the green moss and the blue-grey sea.  The composition, though mostly horizontal, was made more visually interesting with the ocean churning with white patterned froth dancing on the surface of the waves and a crucifix pattern of the rocks on the beach leading into the submerged rocks.  This is the biggest painting I've done in colored pencils and with it, I'd like to do a companion piece, a bit smaller, of rocks trapped in tide pools with a bit of sea kelp framing the pool. 
This is the only piece I have to show here for November, but I have been very busy.  My painting "Reflections" won an honorary award this month at the Wildlife in Art 2012 show at the Foothills Gallery in La Mesa.  Tomorrow, I drop off both "Peacock" and "Orchid" for the Ramona Art Guild show held at the Poway Center of the Arts.  This will definitely be my last show for the year. Last year, my New Year's resolution was to do a painting a month and to attempt to enter at least 12 shows for the entire year.  I was successful in being in more than 12 shows this year, but I'm one painting off my mark.  There's still one more month to go and I plan to work on the Sketchbook Project 2012 with the theme "It's Winter There".  For the past couple of weeks, I was making Secret Santa art gifts for two mail artist recipients.  I always bite my nails whether it be an experiment like this Del Mar ocean painting, or making arts/crafts for another artist.  One never knows if it will turn out or if the recipient will even like it.  Although I doubt my Secret Santas visit my blog, to be safe - I'll post photos of everything after Christmas.   
Well, tomorrow comes the last day of my birthday month and what a month I've had! One of the most wonderful day of the month was spending it with Nancy Conney at her "Sky Hunters" birds-of-prey sanctuary in Alpine ( http://www.skyhunters.org/ ).  She takes care of injured birds, educates people/students on birds-of-prey, and is just an all around lovely person! Her large beautiful home is filled to the brim with all kinds of birds-of-prey art and collectibles. But the treasures were the birds themselves.  Some, are her's forever since they cannot be set free which includes a beautiful bald eagle and a brown eagle.  I have a lot of pictures and I'm sure at least one of them will be an inspiration for a painting.


Ester Roi said...

It came out really beautiful, Rhonda!

Rhonda said...

Thank you!