Monday, September 19, 2011

El Jardin Hermoso

Taking a little break from painting, I did my own experimental colored pencil piece of a garden area in Old Town, San Diego.  It's a lovely little succulent garden just across from the water fountain before entering the large patio area where all the gift shops are as well as the Mexican restaurant with the huge margaritas.  This is a much larger piece in this medium than what I normally do and it's done on coldpress watercolor paper.  I painted a light wash for some of the plants as an undercoat.  On top of that are many layers of colored pencils that have been blended and burnished.  When it was in the first stage, I got a call from the San Diego CPSA President asking if I would like to join 8 other artists for the COVA Invitational to be held at the San Diego Art Institute next Oct.  It was August 26th and I had to have it completed and framed to turn it in by the 16th!  This highly detailed and stylized piece is all I've been working on everyday except for those socializing days which are so necessary - can never neglect friends and fun!  I finished it the night before and I used another painting's frame with the mat which suited it perfectly.  I had originally intended to submit it to the "Explore This" for the experimental online show and wanted to frame it as if it were a painting which means mounting it onto clayboard and putting a wooden frame around it.  I'm still thinking about all the particulars of this, but meanwhile, I did get the painting to the venue on time.  Now it's a matter of waiting to see if it gets chosen.  There are about 4 other art organizations that were invited along with CPSA and it's a wonderful opportunity.  I downloaded a "Learn Spanish" app onto my iPad in my quest to learn Spanish and with this piece looking like a Frida Khalo garden, I thought the title should be Spanish, hence the name El Jardin Hermoso meaning the beautiful garden.  I was too busy tring to complete this painting to stop and photograph the different stages since the beginning wash photo and the final photo.

I don't understand the snobbism with colored pencils being the bottom medium when it comes to oils, watercolor paintings, and even pastels.  I was wondering if it's because of it's durability throughout time.  The technical effort put into colored pencil painting is so intense and time consuming.  I like to work in all medioums, but I definitely have to say that it takes a great deal of time and patience when using colored pencils.

So in the interim, I'm still quite busy with mail art even though I intended to slow down a bit.  I have a self-portrait swap and I can be very experimental with that.  Then I have Secret Santas which is great fun and it's with these pieces that I'll be trying to do the experimental framing with double tack onto clay board.


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Ester Roi said...

This is beautiful, Rhonda! You should really submit it to "Explore This".