Monday, April 4, 2011

Flowers Everywhere

Currently, my front and back yard is an explosion of flowers everywhere with freesias, tulips, paperwhites, wisteria, roses, blue irises and a blossoming nectarine tree! It smells like flowers especially when the ocean breeze comes in from the west at sundown. I feel like a huge bee with a camera going around from flower to flower snapping up photos for future paintings.

Last year, I took photos of a lot of orchids growning in the Balboa Park Botanical Building on Mother's day. There was a very striking orchid with unusual petals and viewing it up close, it reminded me of Georgia O'Keefe's flower paintings. One of pictures I used as a reference for this painting. For now, it's just called "Orchid" but that may change if I can think of an appropriate name that's not too corny.


Tempeststudios said...

Rhonda ... absolutely gorgeous work. This orchid is so electric and energetic and wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I heared you are in the winners circle in Del Mar.