Sunday, March 27, 2011

Orchid in Progress

Here's the most recent painting with the remaining three stages. The photo of the last stage is a bit washed out - the photo was taken outdoors. I missed yesterday's deadline entering it in the "Out on a Vine" show to be judged by Keiko Tanabe . I have an immense amount of respect for her as an artist and the beautiful way she has of doing washes in watercolor. There'll be other shows and besides, this painting still needs a name. "Wild Orchid" is the front-runner but I'm still pondering other names and may darken that blue in the upper-right side before I sign it.

I'm planning my new painting that will be of two finches in a blossoming tree. I've been thinking a lot about Japan, my mom, my relatives and want to paint something beautiful. I've seen a lot of art that incorporates the recent disasters of Japan with iconic Japanese art block prints and find them depressing. Watching a recent newsclip on tv, I was very touched on a story of Japanese elderly lady, currently evacuated in a school gymnasium, who had picked a few cherry blossom branches and some paperwhites. She had put them in a little paper cup tenderly making a humble ikebana arrangement. I love her spirit of finding the good and beautiful even in such devastation.

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