Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Secret Santas and Sketchbook 2011

More pages have been completed for the "Below the Surface" sketchbook with clownfish, a moray eel, and a leafy sea dragon. It turns out that the fastest and best method is watercolor after all. My pages are glued together to make it thicker and sturdier. With a paper towel folded in half under each page side to absorb excess water that may seep through, I treat the pages as if they were made of rice paper and watercolor away. For more whimsy and color, gel pens were used to accent the ocean life.
I'm posting all the presents I gave my to my "large present" Secret Santa partner; she's into costumes, goddesses, ravens & crows, Marie Antoinette and so much more! She's already opened them, so there's no harm in posting the photo. The large illustration is a painting of the Celtic goddess Badb who turns into a raven or crow, especially in times of war. I would love to do a close-up portrait of her with a raven/crow over her head.
I almost forgot to mention that my "Peacock" I won Best in Show in the Wildlife in Art 2010 show early last November! My win was directly due to learning so much from a wonderful artist, Nicolas Simmons, when I took a workshop in Idllywild last June. It was the best and funnest workshop I've ever particpated in and it's helped my art grow so much this year. I'm in the planning stages for another large painting for the upcoming Cat Connection show.

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