Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More Ocean Art

I've experimented around with different mediums for my Sketchbook and am trying to see what works the best with these thin pages. The gray whale page is done in colored pencils with an ink wash all around, and the courting octopi is in watercolor. The coral garden page is done in prismacolored ink pens with colored pencils burnished on top and with gel pens to accent. With each page, I took care and put a protective page between to prevent bleed through, but am not happy with the way the pages adhered after spraying adhesive. At least, though, I've made a dent in my journal. I think for time's sake, I'll stick to watercolor for the remainder of the journal and there's only a few more months to work in it!
On an exciting note, my painting "Peacock", has been juried into the Wildlife in Art 2010 show! This is my second local show and it's such an honor to be accepted.