Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Divas & Day of the Dead

I haven't been to my Figure Inspiration Group for almost a year - it's too expensive for me now. However, I still love to do portraits and so I had to join a 4X4 Chunky swap with the theme of Forgotten Divas. Contrary to being "forgotten", I think these divas are legendary. Maybe there are a lot of people in their 20s or younger who may not be into watching old movies since electronic gaming seems to be a current major hobby. It would be great if computer graphics could clone these legendary movie stars and feature them in new movies and electronic games to reintroduce them! These are some of my favorite legendary divas: Jean Harlow - diva of the glow within, Lillian Gish - the diva who looks like a living fairy, Lauren Bacall - diva of the smoldering stare, Ava Gardner - the saucy, sultry diva, Audrey Hepburn the diva who defined beauty within and out, and finally Natalie Wood because I wanted to be just like her as a child. All are done in monochromatic Payne's grey watercolor.

I also signed up for a fun online fiber arts class on making Funky Felt Bead pins. My embroidery skills are very rusty but it was a lot of fun! I chose to be representational and did a traditional Day of the Dead skull in cheerful colors. It will look great on my jean jacket for Halloween

Along with filling in my journal for Sketchbook 2011 project, I've been doing a lot of art! I also signed up for my first "Secret Santa" in which I will exchange my art and receive art from another artist! I love Secret Santa - I always had so much fun coordinating this at my former job!

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