Monday, July 12, 2010

Moleskin Journals

I've participated in two, one completed and one still traveling, Japanese moleskin journals wherein each artist chooses a theme for their own journal. They complete the intro and the first couple of pages and then it travels between 8 artists, who each in turn, draws/paints about 4 pages of art until it's finished and then it returns home to the owner.

The first traveling moleskin journal had these themes: Classic Fantasy, Dark Fairy Tales, Tattoos, Day of the Dead, Whimsical Women, Landscapes, Hands and my own theme was of Famous Blondes. The journals traveled through Canada, Texas, New York, Australia, Idaho, Louisiana, both northern and southern California. It was exciting to see my journal of blondes when it came home and now I just need to do the cover art.

The current moleskin journals have these themes: Past Life Recall, Mermaid and Octopus, Nature Goddess, Asian Beastiary, Art Neuvo, Steam Punk, and I'm waiting for the last one to do Dynamic Nude. My journal is on Ancient Egypt and the art that I've seen posted looks exceptional. The journals all traveled through Maine, New York, Canada twice, Washington state, Oregon twice, and California. Because I try to do a lot of art for the various clubs/societies I belong, I prep way ahead of time. I usually make my sketch with the dimensions of 5" x 14" in my sketchbook and sketch out the composition. Sometimes as with the "Dark Fairy Tales", I'll work out the colors in markers. By the time the journal get's to me, my composition is ready to be transferred to the 4 pages I'm alloted. I never know what medium to choose, but I've worked a lot with markers, pens, and colored pencils. Here's my process with the most recent moleskin journal with the theme of Steam Punk. My pages show a Steam Punk Rock Band with a female lead singer modeled after Madonna all done in watercolors.


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