Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Big Dose of Inspiration

I've returned from my watercolor workshop all inspired, even though I made "mud" with one painting and need to finish the other. Nicolas Simmons is a very inspirational instructor and I learned so much and can't wait to experiment and use some of his techniques. I am seriously coveting a good projector. His paintings are so captivating and lovely. He's one of my top favorite watercolorists - right next to Joseph Raffael. With the exception of Nicolas, the class was composed of women. I met a great group of fun-loving artist friends and one evening, we all sat out on the 2nd floor balcony of our cabin/lodge and had wine and a lot of laughs all while admiring the pines and the stars of Idyllwild, CA. I love being at summer art camp!

I've started a little project for when I wake up during the wee hours of the night and want to draw, but don't want to disturb the household. It's my "Facebook Portraits" and it's the random family/friends I choose from my FB page. My first portrait is done in colored pencils and is my grand-niece(Yikes! That's almost like being a grandma!), and her name is Briana. So many of the young kids just take their camera and aim it at themselves and post as their profile photo. I'm too self-conscious of the camera let alone point it at myself and take my own portrait. I'll have to try it though. The young ones are also constantly mixing it up and change their profile pictures often. I was lucky and happen to capture this one when Briana was looking especially sweet. She is an extremely cute girl and very easy to render. I'll probably do another one of her in the future.
I'm playing with the new templates Blogger has and I especially love the pink/orange watercolor background. It's so loose and lovely.

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Nice New Background!!!!!! Wow, its pretty cool