Friday, June 25, 2010

One Greek Goddess & Mythological Beings

I've been in an artistic slump with these mail art cards and haven't signed up for very many swaps, especially after losing a whole set (7 in all) of Japanese cards in the mail. But, I love mythology and since I still need to hone in my illustration skills, I gladly accepted the invitation. It's hard for me to judge if these will be acceptable but I gave it my best go and used Da Vinci watercolors with maybe a bit of pen here and there. These watercolors are so rich and can come off like acrylics with pure saturated colors. Focusing on Greek mythology are, from left to right, Athena, goddess of wisdom, war, and all things crafty; Medusa; the ill-fated Icarus; and Calliope the gifted writer & poetess.
I'll be leaving later this afternoon to Idyllwild, CA for a 3-day intensive watercolor workshop with master watercolorist Nicolas Simmons. It'll be like a watercolor camp with other artists and I've been looking forward to it since I got this gift for Mother's day! I'll be working very large scale and I've made a disc of some reference materials - mostly of my garden and some animals I took photos of from the SD Zoo. I've never been to a workshop like this before, but I'm hoping I'll learn a lot and improve my painting.

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