Tuesday, May 25, 2010

San Diego Flora and Fauna

I'm so pleased that I have a couple of pet portrait commissions and will post as soon I start working on them. I'm going to try to incorporate two portraits into one of a cute dog - Zazzie! She's in a sitting posture in the grass but her eyelids are partially down, so in order to get the full soulful eye expression of this dog, I'll be cropping a frontal head shot onto her sitting posture. I kind of feel like Frankenstien!
In the meantime, I've done a couple of ATCs to represent Southern California Flora & Fauna for the Colored Pencil Society at an international show. I don't know if they will be traded or if we will receive them back but no matter. My first two are of a couple of succulents that are in my backyard. Succulents love the San Diego climate, and more importantly, they are so easy to grow!

I'm learning a lot from the artist Carla O'Conner. She has a wonderful way of abstracting and combining realism in her paintings that are exquisite and expressive. I enjoy painting people and the ordinary moments they are in. I haven't returned to my Figure Inspiration Group because there's still much for me to do, but I think I need to find a weeknight life drawing session I can join. I've lost so much already since last December and there's nothing like quite being in the moment as a life drawing class. I miss getting to know the model and then trying to make a real connection from the person to paper.

My father passed away peacefully in his sleep on 3/31/10 and we had his funeral in Mt. Top, PA at his family church on May 1st. He had a military 21 gun salute because he was an air force veteran having served in both the Korean and the Vietnamese war with over 5000 hours in flight time. Although it was on a very sad occasion, it was very nice to see all the family members I haven't seen since very young and it was also great to see all the Pettit family history & homes and such. It's very strange now to not have parents anymore, so much of one's own identity is based on being one's daughter or son. I will miss my dad as I do my mom very much, but I know they are together and in a good place.

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