Friday, March 12, 2010

In Like a Lion

March - coming in like the lion it truly is in this Chinese Year of the Tiger has been a very wild ride but I still managed to make some art! Since my last post, I didn't how much my life would change. We found my father in Las Vegas not doing well at all and decided that he needed to come live in San Diego nearby me. Serendipity, luck, fate let the house across the street from me be vacant and the landlady was so kind and is letting my father rent the house. This house has been empty for over a year as she was slowly fixing it up, then my husband talked her into renting it to my dad. Aside from some big distractions, both my father, myself and my family are adjusting to this new living situation and the dust has settled. My dad made a huge mess of his life in the past year, but he's human - makes a lot of mistakes, and is still utterly grief stricken with the passing of my mom in 2005. Sting's song "The Hounds of Winter" is a great song for my dad and how he's reacted to life without my mother. I can't help but feel she is looking out for him now. And though my dad hasn't gained any of the weight he's lost, he is at least eating 3 meals a day and sleeping well. I have most of his personal business almost finished - his lovely home in Las Vegas is now leased to a nice couple, he has a new GP and cardiologist, I am now his POA and have transferred all his pensions to his new bank and pay all his bills. There's just a few more things to get cleared up - mostly legal stuff and it's good to have a son who is an attorney. In the meantime, I've been going to a few interviews for a day job in the finance field because I hate worrying about money. I think after my home is paid off, then I can finally be a full time artist. I had the opportunity to get a glimpse of what I'd like to do. I miss my Figure Inspiration Group and the SD Watercolor Society very much, but I still belong and can go when there is opportunity. I'm still going to Colored Pencil Society because they have their meetings on the weekend. My life is very "iffy" right now and so I've been like a madman doing as much art as possible.

The Lion, Tiger, & Cheetah are ATCs and are being entered into the "Art In Hand II" show in Baltimore and were done on my latest gadget - the Icarus board. The board heats up and blend/melts the wax based colored pencils. It creates a nice burnished, shiny surface and very much like a smooth painting. I had originally planned to enter the series of cats into the "Cat Connection III" show here in San Diego as an ATC entry, but there's a painting I've had in mind and have always wanted to do of my now deceased cat, Snookie. So, I'll try to get that done in time for entry. I missed last year's "Art In Hand" which is a show based strictly on ATCs. I would like to go visit the show and see what it looks like in person.

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