Thursday, November 5, 2009

Michaelangelo's David

I had to immediately sign on to the "Michaelangelo's David" swap on IATC as soon as I saw it posted. I remember in art history class, that all the previous "Davids" from other artists were small in stature and delicate. Michaelangelo, however, made this huge David with every detail masterly carved and smoothed. I wanted to catch the expression of the anticipated wariness in this David's eyes as Goliath approaches and the atheletic vein running down David's arm and hand . Of the four cards, I think these two came out the best. I love working in graphite and find I'm much more loose than say, markers! There's something about markers and pens that screams you can't make any mistakes and it's so all just intimidates me. I still struggle with markers and with illustration although it's been over a year and I still haven't found my niche. With graphite, I find that you can make as many mistakes as you want - you just incorporate it into the full expression! I also love the shiny black contrast of the soft 4b pencil in the background.

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