Monday, November 9, 2009

Collaborative Moleskin Journal

In my previous posts, I mentioned that I'm involved in a collaborative moleskin journal that is traveling to 8 artists from IATC. My journal's theme for this group is "Famous Blond/White-haired Persons" throughout time and it's now on its way to Canada. It's been fun coming up with a story to illustrate based on the theme of each artist and I'm not so scared about making the intitial mark as I was with the first journal. One artist's theme is "Dark Fairytales" and she began her pages with "Snow White and the Seven Ghouls". The next artist did a modern day "Hansel and Gretal" with the evil witch being axed in a cute scene with a candy house and gum drop bushes. My story is "Little Red Ridinghood" involving a twisted hunt with Little Red as a vampire. As the hunt reaches its conclusion, I can see the trees turning completely red.
With the next journal, the artist based her theme on "Flash Tattoo," a theme I was hesitant about. I'm a bit squeamish about tattoos due to the needles, blood, and the pain thing, but I do love the art and the stories. I did a little research on tatoos, made one of deck project cards on my niece with an Ed Hardy design for the background, and I also designed a tattoo of a willow tree for my friend's son which a;; helped me warm up for this theme. This artist does beautiful Japanese themed art & people and I saw that she liked geishas, all my favorite themes. I wasn't sure if she wanted figures with tattoos on them, or the tattoo design itself, so I combined them both. My story is of a floating world of clouds with a geisha who exposes her tattood back looking at the tiger on the other cloud. With 2010, we enter the "Year of the Tiger" and can finally say goodbye to this very unsettling "Year of the Ox". The chrysanthemums is the flower for November and adds a nice design & boundary to end my page.

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