Monday, October 5, 2009

Playing with Elephants

This is a quick gestural sketch for "Dustbath" and above is the final painting.

It's been awhile, but I'm painting a bit larger in acrylics. I've only been painting on ATCs in the last two years and before that....well it was over a decade since I painted really large and in oil. So I'm taking baby steps back to large scale.

This is my first elephant in acrylic with the dominant color of iridescent gold. It's very shimmery in real life and it's a small painting with the dimensions of 8x10 inches. Because it's mostly gold, I tried to use dynamic color but in a soft expressive way. I originally wanted to enter the Foothills Art Association "Wildlife" competition, but yesterday I researched the winner from last year and the winning artist also did an elephant. I guess I should of researched in the beginning before deciding my animal. Tomorrow is the deadline and I'll have to make up my mind, otherwise this painting will be no. 4 of the 5 needed to get juried into the Artists for Critters or other wildlife art societies.

I'll next be painting elephants in watercolor, but I'll be adapting a style from an artist's lesson plan. I just want to get refamiliarized again working large scale and in watercolors.