Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September Odds and Ends

The Deck Project involves getting a deck of cards and coming up with your own theme and then making art the front of the card. The best part is that you don't have to really worry whether your trading partner will like it or not because you get to keep it. You just have to show it. Since I'm also do figure drawing each week, I thought I'd base my theme on faces or portraits in the ordinary moments of life. If I don't particularly care for the model of the week, then I'll find a photo reference somewhere to do. Card no. 1 (randomly picked seven of spades) is of Rufus. His is so sunny and was smiling most of the time, but the sketch I based my card on is of him in a kneeling position and where he is intently writing. Rufus said he loved the sketch and thought that was how he looked when he is writing. For the card, I just took the face from my sketch and added the beachy colors he wore yesterday. It's done in acrylics and some colored pencils. This is my first face and I pretty much kept it soft. I may end up putting a soft border around it, but I want to see how the first 10 cards come out.
I'm participating in a couple of collaborative moleskins that are traveling and recently completed another artist's traveling journal. The artist wanted classic fantasy from a classic painting from the art period of either the Renaissance, Boroque or Roccoco. I thought I would change Boticelli's "Birth of Venus" and turn everyone into mermaids/man under the sea. It's mainly painted in acrylics and there is some overlay of pearlescent watercolor. I find it intimidating to mark in someone else's journal. It's great fun to see what the other artists are coming up with as the journals travel.

Some of the fun swaps I was involved in on AFA are the Skellies and Bones swap. I made my skellies hat-wearing, gossiping ladies of the 40s at a tea party. They are 3D in that the skellies are mounted onto the background shadow box style. With the "Plumeria" swap, I once again played around with my candle warmer plate and burnished the colored pencils with heat. It was fun to experiment and I ended up purchasing an Icarus box. My first 4x4 Pat was so much fun - it was great to go larger. I liked working larger and especially enjoyed making David Bowie. He has an underlay of markers and then detailed with colored pencils. For the illustrative text, I really didn't illustrate the text but used mask and did an abstract painting in acrylics. I like the freedom of it and hope the trade artist likes it as much as I do. The Silver Surfer is going to be part of a super hero gallery in a little boy's room. I've never done a chameleon before, but like David Bowie, I used markers, colored pencils and pen. I'm very insecure about markers and thought this would be a good time to get more experience. Finally, I did a Fine Art Pear swap making a colorful tryptch of rhythmic pears and an experimental heat burnished pear.