Friday, August 7, 2009


Serenity (8.75 x 11.75)

Although it's been awhile since I last posted, I have been pretty busy making art in several mediums. I just finished up a session of Chinese Watercolor Painting with Lucy Wang and hope to take more classes in the future but in the meantime, I continue to practice my bone and water strokes. I'm also signed up with a figure drawing group at Red Door Studio in the Golden Hills community downtown. The group will soon move to Ocean Beach on Liberty Dr. nearby the Watercolor Society and the Quilting Arts Studio. I enjoy these sessions very much, but I need to pick up my speed. I still require more than 20 minutes in order to capture the pose completely. I'm getting faster the more I do it. For the Colored Pencil Society, I recently completed "Serenity" which is the Buddha water fountain and the orchids from my backyard. I continue to explore Asian, most particularly - Japanese themes in memory of my mom. With this drawing, I heavily burnished the Buddha face using Indigo Blue, Black Grape, and Tuscan Red with Light Blue, Process Red and White and it was a labor of love. I finally completed it today - just in time to have 3 of my works represented on the San Diego website. I also hope to enter it in some of the CPSA competitions. Hopefully, I will have two more colored pencils paintings/drawings to submit to Spanish Village Art Gallery. I want to do a Koi pond and maybe a still life. After the two pieces are done, I'm going to slow it down with the pencils . I'm still doing the ATCs, though I have slowed it down a bit. I'm finding that when it comes to a themed swap, it's difficult for me to be consistant with each of the four cards. Perhaps I'm overly critical, but it just seems like I can only one or two that I'm satisfied with and then the other's are just okay. Could be that maybe I'm just tired of the theme after two cards, but I like doing the three to four because it does challenge me to think about conveying the same subject in different ways.

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