Saturday, November 1, 2008


This is going to be quite the week! I'm getting all my propositions in order - it helps when your son makes a haiku out them all (yes he made a cute haiku out of all of them). I agree with him on most of them. I'm going to see the Madonna concert on election night! Thank goodness I still have a little portable color tv so we can all watch the election results. This is going to be a great show, though Madonna is going through some tough times. It doesn't help when your brother is a complete dog and writes a book about you. Still, I've always had an admiration for her and no, she is not the best singer in the world. She's a bit younger than myself, but I've seen her as one of those who represents my age group. I use to watch her sing "Star Light, Star Bright" on MTV when my son was a newborn baby during midnight feedings. I would sing along because he was my little bright star! I always liked all her songs and loved that you could dance to them. Recently, Dr. Chang on "Grey's Anatomy" was in crises at the hospital. She started singing "Made it through the wilderness...." a song of hope and redemption. A good song for women and for the country! I want to see our country be a good place and do wonderful things for all mankind. We've led in many things that have been beneficial to the world and now, we've just become ...dark and disrespected by the world. I want our kids and future generations to be treated fairly, to live in an unpolluted world, and to be given every chance to live a happy and fulfilled life. Let's make our nation all shiny and a virgin, Hey! That's why I'm putting my vote on Hope. Get out there and Vote!


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