Saturday, November 1, 2008

Early Voting...

My husband and I decided that we would do the early voting since Tuesday is going to be a very long day for me. I was shocked at the line, but encouraged at the same time. There was some hate talk among the fundamentalist's about Proposition 8 which is anti-gay marriage. In my town of Santee, there are so many who are vocal about the Yes on 8 and talk about how it's going to be taught in schools and that is just a lie and is nothing but hate talk. What's great is that the teachers and school board are urging the public to vote no. There are commercials running for this proposition - all funded by the Mormons. Though there were some airing of differences, we were all very civil with each other. Two military looking men wore anti-Obama t-shirts and were promptly escorted out (thanks to my husband) because it's not allowed at polling venues. Everyone was kind of snickering.... All in all, it was worth standing in line for over 4 long hours.

We arrived there at about 1pm without having anything to eat all day. We thought it would only take an hour. Here is a photo about after an hour of waiting:

Early Voting

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