Monday, October 27, 2008

Ghost Story: " Seeing Things: Ghost Polaroids"

If you happen to be in the area of Los Angeles, you may want to check out DrkRm Gallery. They are featuring some very spooky photographs to send some chills up your spine (bwahahahaha)!

In the early 1990s, there was a couple who moved into a home in the hills of Los Angeles. Strange sounds and other things happened in the home and they suspected that it was haunted, so they decided they would try to photograph it. Well, sure enough their photos had orbs and such, but really incredible shots happened when they used a poloroid camera. They then began to ask the ghost questions and then snapped the picture. The first question asked is "Are you here?" and they took a picture. The image show a barely discernable "yes"! They asked more and more questions, and as they asked and snapped up the polaroids, the answers became more clear and written with cloud-wispy letters! Experts could not dispute the photographs and when paranormal investigators came to the home to try to defunct this - they could not find any holes in the story.

The main ghost is named "Wright" and he is a very intelligent, erudite ghost. I'd like to know more about Wright, but I don't know if the 50.00 book will say more of him. A psychic/spiritualist that came to the home believes the home to be a spiritual vortex - a doorway for ghosts so to speak. There is a spot in the home that is freezing, and when a picture was taken of the psychic, all kinds of whispy white orbs were coming out.

I would go, but I've done enough traveling on the LA freeways for my work. I'll have to catch it this exhibit if it ever makes it's way to San Diego and I do hope they'll feature it on a show. This is my arty ghost story for the holiday; here are some photos to really creep you out.......

Ghost 3 - DrkRm Gallery

Ghost 2 - Drkrm Gallery

Ghost - DrkRm Gallery

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