Thursday, May 29, 2008


Leonardo da Vinci is an extremely hard artist to understand and I'm afraid my little cards do not do him justice. I think I need to do a large graphite drawing of one his paintings to even comprehend his art. He still remains my favorite Renaissance artist; an incredible genius, but like a lot of geniuses, he never completed very much and a lot of his experiments didn't work out or the complications of life got in his way. Nonetheless, he made beautiful art, wonderful studies and experiments far ahead of his time. How in the world does someone like him ever incarnate as a mere human? Some people are so very blessed and gifted in so many ways

Check out this amazing video of a current Da Vinci. What a mind:

Here are the cards -

Head of a Young Woman

Head of a Young Woman

Christ Child from Virgin & Child w/St. Anne and a Lamb

Christ Child from Virgin with St. Anne and a Lamb

Head of Man Shouting

Head of a Man Shouting

Angel from the Madonna of the Rocks

Angel from the Madonna of the Rocks

I may be posting some pictures of Santa Fe, New Mexico and Sedona, Arizona real soon. Vacation, all I ever wanted (go Gos Gos)! Adios

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kat57 said...

They are all really good. I especially like the Head of a Young Women. Very good.