Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ashes and Snow

I'm checking out Alice Young's wonderful calligraphy blog which I've added to my favorite creative links on the side bar. I have two new themes, one of which is "song lyrics", and Alice Young has incredible song lyrics calligraphy. She also does paintings incorporating inspirational word(s) and her "Awaken" is so ethereal. I would love to own that! As for the song lyrics, I will be drawing/painting imagery for my songs, but there's so many songs, it'll be hard narrowing it down to four.
While checking out her blog, I also found this beautiful site "Ashes and Snow", a photographic show of both people and animals...most of elephants which goes along with the other theme I have of African animals. Check it out: . The photographer, Gregory Colbert & Collaborators, want to show humans living in harmony with animais. It's done in sepia tones and is just lovely. There's also a film if you have the time.

I think I'm finished with "Fun and Funky Cats" and should be downloading images soon. I think I signed up to too many card swaps!

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