Monday, April 21, 2008

Yay for me, not only did I finish another ATC swap "Marine Life" but I was accepted into the other ATC club.
Since it's so late, I'll only post the cards themselves. I can only say that because I live in San Diego, it was easy to be inspired by the theme. Today was a good day off, tomorrow it's back to



Sea Lion

Sea Lion

Jelly Fish

Jelly Fish


(Anyone catch Fergie and Heart on American Idol Gives Back?!?)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

There Will Be Blood

It's interesting how people take in a movie but here is my take, which is probably more of a reflection of me. My interpretation of Daniel Day Lewis' character, Daniel Plainview, is that of a misanthrope - so jaded, but not feeling sorry for himself, he moves forward by dealing in the world of oil and money. You know nothing of his background except that he's focused on getting something of value & satisfaction in his life (so help him God). He was someone who always saw the absolute worst in life and in people, but yet, he still had that thread of hope deep inside to believe that maybe there was some truth in the good of life - of love, hope and beauty. It looks like he almost succeeds with his love for his adoptive son, but in the end he shuts the door on him (so jaded). The preacher (who played the son in "Little Miss Sunshine" of all things) speaks so heart true in his role of speaking of the glory of God and spirituality. He eventually sells out, which unfortunately, causes his death by you know who. It was a great movie and Daniel Day Lewis is an awesome actor. I'm surprised that the guitar was done by Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood. The music is so wierd, yet so engaging.

"There Will Be Blood" is far different from "No Country for Old Men" - by novelist Cormac McCarthy. Javier Bardem's character, Anton Chigurh, is a cold blooded executioner who lives by, of all things, a moral code. He does not see any beauty or joy in life except for his own purpose in life (torturer, killer, Death's administrative assistant of those who betray this code). He is impartial to everything except his own code of killing. You never want to see him, for to see him is to die.

Hilarious Cat Video

Check it out, this had me rolling with laughter!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Eygptian Goddesses

I'm finished with the ATCs for the theme "Art Dolls 001", saying goodbye to them forever. They're in the mail today and I hope their new owners will like them; I can't wait to see what comes to me!

The dolls were handdrawn, painted in acrylic and further defined with micron and sharpie pens. They were then glued to crinkle gold paper (with cardstock backing). For the parts of the doll that went beyond the card dimensions, the card line on the doll was scored and then hinged with tape. It all folds up and fit's nicely into the sleeve. With Isis, I'm taking special care with her and her sleeve. Here they are with a brief explanation of who they are.

Bastet - Cat goddess. This is for for all those women, including myself, who adore cats! She is the goddess of joy, music and dancing!


Hathor - Eygptian mother goddess. She represents all that is the best in women. She's the Queen who leads all women.


Selket - Goddess of fertility as well as the underworld, the family, tribes & insects.


Isis - Goddess of love, sexuality, ceremonies, health, healing and immortality.


Maybe one day I'll do the Gods and the rulers.

My next ATC project is Marine Life. I'm thinking of picking some unusual marine life like a barracuda, jelly fish, and blow fish.

Well, I haven't been feeling very well but hope to get all those cards done soon. This is going to be a very creative and busy weekend.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Angel Video

My dolls have changed. I did 3 glamour dolls, but found a more intriguing subject: Egyptian Goddess! I've also signed up for Marine Life, and I'm especially excited about the theme Angels for another project. Also, I hope to have "Kikko" my sweet little dog who has passed away done soon.

Check out this beautiful site:
Fred and Della Justice


These fine people are my husband's grandparents, Fred and Della. They are no longer with us here on Earth, but they live on in the hearts and minds of all their relatives. Both were exceptional people. Della, especially, was an angel in disguise - loving and kind to all living things!
(Colored Pencil Portrait for Marjorie)
(Pastel Pet Portrait for Mona)
(Pastel Pet Portrait for Holly)