Saturday, March 29, 2008

I've been visiting quite a few wonderful blogs this past week and what I've learned is that I really need to learn HTML. I would love to have my blog have images inserted between posts and to have a my own image behind my title. I would also love to be able to double-click on an image and have it pop-up, and enlarged for close-up viewing. There's so much to learn, create, and to find the time to do it all! I've got to stop my reality show addiction after coming home from work!

I am very impressed with all these incredibly talented artistic women and men! It inspires me to see all their beautiful work and how so many are generous and willing to share their knowledge with everyone. I also love the "ATCsForAll" community I've joined not too long ago. I've really been out of touch with my own creativity for too many years and doing these little cards gives me a great sense of accomplishment, not too mention I'm doing my heart's work. It's great finding all theses artistic sites and blogs. I'm taking it all in right now and am hoping one day I'll be up to par with my own art, blog, and eventually, web site.

I'm looking at some of my oil paintings and debating if I should post it on this blog. It's been too long since I've last painted and I think I'm in a different place now. Maybe I should start fresh. I think I will purchase about four or six 10" X 10" gessoed masonite boards to do some themed paintings. I love the artist, Jennifer Bartlett, and her grid paintings. I've also been inspired by ones I've seen in "My Etsy Shop". You can actually sell your art on this site! There are so many different creative things & artists - I couldn't resist and have made a few purchases already.

I received my cards in the "Pointilism" swap and adore my new cards. I have a colorful happy turtle, a lovely lady bug, and a card of a beautiful rings of Saturn. This is the beginning of my ATC collection and I will treasure them. I'm wondering who ended up with my cards and if the new owner likes them. I would have liked to have seen the full gallery.

Currently, I'm working on the doll card swap and am finding it challenging. I have too many ideas, but now I'm sticking with the my glamour girls. Long time ago, I took a fashion illustration class and am now kind of utilizing this with my cards. Thus far, I've created a glamour girl on very teeny tiny small scale. I love to do faces, but since it's so small - I have to minimize and be subtle with the face. I'm using discarded greeting cards as the back drop and re-working them in colored pencils and acrylics. The girl is done in acrylics and colored pencils. Only one is finished - "Stars" a temporary name for now. Her gown goes beyond the 2.5 x 3.5 dimensions and I'm contemplating cutting it to make a hinge. I'll attempt to do "Flowers" and "Water." Maybe by then, I'll figure out what the mystery 4th doll will be.

I tried to join another theme - Marine life, but I haven't yet had a response. I'll go ahead and make the cards and then perhaps see if I'm in or not; I've discovered you can put your cards up for trades. So far, I have a whopping 1/100 as my score! I've got a lot to do and a lot to post up to get into this other ATC club I'd like to join. Time to get busy, busy, busy...

Oh, I finally saw "Away From Her" with Julie Christie and what a touching story of a couple so very much in love. She is suffering from Alzheimers disease and is slowly losing her memory, and rarely recognizes her husband. Yet he still wants her to be happy and visits her often. Julie Christie is still a beautiful woman and she did an incredible job with this movie. It's too bad she didn't get an Oscar as well.

Friday, March 21, 2008


I finally finished this pastel portrait of a beloved chihuahua - "Chi-Wee". I hope to get this to my friend soon, he's been so very patient waiting for it.
Chi-Wee is really quite a muscular dog for so small a stature and look at the love in his eyes for his owner.
Chi-Wee is a champ!

Chi-Wee (Pastel - Pet Portrait for Bill)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March Madness

It's been a busy but creative month so far, but I thought I would put some of my completed pastel pet portraits and a colored pencil portrait. I should have new dog portraits in soon. I love making portraits of well loved pets and people!